Shooting with a drone or quadcopter, as a service

Updated: May 13

Oh to fly with my camera! And I do, but alas I am still on the ground.

When people say drones are a menace... It has become an invaluable tool for industry, real estate, travel... the list is endless! Sure there have been a few cases where idiots have got their hands on them and terrorised airports, stadiums and the like but legislation has hopefully seen an end to all that.

I sincerely hope that some of the rules put in place for drone usage are eased up and allow photographers to do their job or I can see were going to go in reverse where to make a cheap travel video for You Tube will be a thing of the past. No one who cares about the environment wants to see helicopters take to the air to make a pop video! And no small company will afford it!

True Raw images from a drone can be spectacular, as with the 4k video, the automation of most drones allow the photographer to push on with great work while the GPS and other functions sort themselves out!

Would love to see what you all do with your drones - for me its a tool to get work done and seldom get the chance to enjoy it for flyings' sake. Put a couple of other shots below :)

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