2020 - Hit or Miss?

Updated: Oct 12

With 2020 entering its last quarter and 2021 just in sight this year will go down for some as a success and others a miserable failure. Photographers who rely on social non-distancing may well have thrown in the towel or moved over to areas they would not normally tread. Weddings have been severely delayed or cancelled, other celebrations have been non existent - Photography like so many trades has been shook to the rafters!

I personally have been hit by loosing one of my regular big customers, I normally shoot the bulk of their work from now onto January as and when the containers arrive from the Far East. then as the year goes on more development items, samples for social media etc. And other smaller amounts throughout the year. Thats not happening, in fact it may not come back until the middle of next year since they are in the leisure toy market and can't sell on the goods they're currently sitting on.

I went on vacation to St Vincent and the Grenadines in Feb and when I got back "BAM" the reality hit home - the lockdown was really going to happen. Shoots lined up with models and art directors were put off and albeit some of those bookings came in Aug/Sept (when restrictions were lifted) there are still some outstanding - they may not happen.

Most other shoots for product (e commerce) are being done at my own smaller studio, fast, white background shots. Some with cut-outs, I enjoy doing them but lack the polish I love doing with lifestyle type work. Has your business been affected? Weather as a client of photography or a photographer, would love some feedback on that.

Whats Next?

The next move has to be finding more avenues of work, I am a graphic designer too but I generally find that I only get the design work from a client if I get the photography first. Years of Catalogue design and heavy duty layout projects are what I do best. But then again, why would any client unless their sales were unrestricted choose paper over web in these uncertain times?



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