Property Photographer

Property photography is one of my signature services. My passion for top
quality property photography, has meant that I have established my services
as one of the leading and most flexible photographers in the south of England.
Discretion has been paramount - that’s what most of my clients require, as you
will appreciate photography is my business - selling is theirs and yours.


I pride myself on flexibility and willingness to design real estate photography package to suit your needs, whether
it’s one beautiful exterior photograph of a small home or you require or a full day photo-shoot of a beautiful estate.

I am constantly extending the boundaries and professional techniques which enable me to offer the best photographic packages. Through thorough research and experience I offer Interior and exterior photography - including UAV drone photography. 


Where am I and where will I shoot?

I am based in Rayleigh, Essex but with an agreement in place and expenses covered I will travel pretty-much anywhere. In 2019 I was asked to shoot a large villa in Portugal, the owner was keen to do the property justice and gain
maximum market value. In the same year I was commissioned to shoot a new trading area in Milton Keynes - by air and unit interiors. So ‘Where’ is not an issue.


You already have a photographer - right?

My services are not designed to take over everything you sell - in fact it probably wouldn’t make sense to use me every day. I am here for that special property that needs video, aerial or glossy mag interiors that perhaps you are not quite getting with your usual sources. Let me quote on that next vital property sale that need that special touch.