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No thats not me there. But from a very young age I knew I wanted to be a photographer, a few sidetracks and part time jobs along the way slowed the early years down but I eventually got there.

And since 1985 I have been working as a photographer... sometimes getting involved with graphic design, print and websites, this has given me a good understanding of the media in which my work is displayed - it's invaluable!

I love my trade, and a varied career it has been! I have filmed Weapons Trials for the M.o.D, photographed thousands of different products, underwater sea life for libraries, freelanced for hundreds of companies and I even fly drones now.

There's only one question you need answered...

    Yes - I do my job well.

About Pat  Ager


Education in the creative world is irrelevant! However, I was fortunate enough to study beyond Secondary school and get my City & Guilds in the Eighties.


Did win photographer of the year in 1990, first and only competition I ever entered.